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Conversations over Coffee…

The concept of this blog came about after many conversations with people over a cup of coffee.
Who am I? I am many things in this life, and probably will be many more, but for now I am a Freelance Creative writer, Life Coach, and blogger. I have travelled the globe, visited strange and obscure places as well as some lovely tourist sites.
I have the wonderful luxury of living with my wife in a small corner of a small island known as the United Kingdom.
My interests include, reading, of course, what writer doesn’t like reading? But I do enjoy a good horror or ghost story, amongst other genres. There is rarely a time that I am not reading or listening to a book.  I also enjoy watching movies, especially black and white ones. 
Other interests are ancient aliens, psychology, serial killers, documentaries, science fiction, Gothic literature, poetry, archaeology, Egyptology, and history (ancient and modern).
I have a passion for travelling, all things Apple, and most importantly my wife.
This is my  Journal of an Author, it contains my writings, thoughts, daily ramblings, and musings, as well conversations with friends, family, and strangers whilst having a cup or two of coffee.
I might, from time to time, drop a few tips that I have found useful in my writing a novel. This is a work that has many levels. I hope you have fun, tears, and a smile as you join me in “The Blog 

Life is simple, this blog is simple. and minimal.

Enjoy your time, chill, empty your coffee or tea cup.


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Once again, thank you.

Ric. The Wayward Traveller.