I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.

The immortal lines of a very famous poem by William Wordsworth; some of you may know it as the “Daffodils’” poem. Whatever name you know it by it is an iconic piece of literature that has inspired me to write this blog, Journal of an Author. img_1538There are no action heroes within this work, nor are there any villains, well maybe a few rough characters. It is a journey through my time as I  write a novel, it is a work that has many levels. Take from it what you may find, discard the rest.

I have also included some musings in this blog, they are my Wandering Cloud thoughts, these are passages that may end up being included in chapters of another book I have been planning,  or they may be side musings of episodes in life that have opened up the floodgates of my muse’s sweet words.

As a side project I have added A Christmas Ghost Story,axe a dark tale that takes the reader into a mysterious house as the build up for the Season begins. What happens as we lead up to Christmas will slowly unfold until the final post on New Years Eve.

I hope you have fun, tears and a smile as you join me in my lonely wanderings of life, I know as I write I shall always find that emotion within the humble words that take me wandering lonely as a cloud.

Richard Temple